B2B Inbound Marketing

So what is it exactly?

Inbound Marketing is how businesses have evolved to deal with the challenges of lead generation in the digital age.

B2B Inbound Marketing Strategies

Think of the last time you bought weapons-grade plutonium. On second thoughts, inbound works for most B2B products or service, so instead, let’s say you’re a marketing manager of a B2B tech company and you’re considering inbound strategies and perhaps even scouting for an agency.

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Chances are you started on Google researching “B2B Inbound Marketing” or maybe you want to partner with a specialist B2B agency, so you might google “B2B Inbound Marketing Agency Ireland” or something similar. You get the idea.

You could have clicked on multiple sources of information…blogs, reviews, articles, infographics, presentations, testimonials, videos, case studies, forums, social media channels, podcasts, or websites. Maybe that’s even how you ended up reading this?

Every point of contact, through every piece of content, and every SEO ranking for targeted keywords along this user journey, has inbound marketing signposts.

Now replace your search for Marketing Agencies (or weapons-grade plutonium) with whatever product or service you provide and you can begin to map out in broad strokes the user journey of your personas and what content you need to create and distribute to help generate leads.

B2B Inbound Marketing Tips and Best Practices

Here is our recommended reading on Inbound Marketing tips and best practices. If you’re new to Inbound, read our Intro to Inbound. If you’re new to marketing automation, then here’s how to nail your first Hubspot campaign. If you’re struggling with B2B content creation, download the masterclassIf your pipeline is healthy and you need to close more sales, read our Sales on Steroids tip sheets

B2B Content Outreach and Distribution

Even after researching your market and your personas and after identifying your content sweetspot and producing world class content that will make you famous as a thought leader in your sector, you still have a problem because the world is flush with content. The chances are that you are in a content surplus market and there is huge competition out there for the attention of your personas.

As a result, you need to be clever with your B2B content promotion and we recommend a mix of owned, paid and earned media channels.

The most interesting and rewarding of these tactics is ‘earned.’ Because this is the channel with the most reach as you’re spreading your content around the internet and earning likes, shares and backlinks. It’s no surprise that it’s the most difficult channel to master also as it requires constant outreach and engagement with influencers and online publications, editors, journalists etc.

This relationship management will take time and there are no shortcuts or automation platforms to help you - after all, you can't automate relationships. In the short to medium term, it's worth stressing that a reliance on owned channels only works if you have lots of traffic to your brand assets already built up, so it’s best to mix in a little ‘paid’ to help promote your content through guest blogging opportunities, paid social etc.


Download our jargon busting “Intro to Inbound”

This eBook charts the inbound marketing journey, step by step. We kept the jargon to a minimum, so if you’re new to inbound, it’s a solid starting point. For others, it's  a decent refresher.