International Inbound Growth Story Grand Prize Winner: Squaredot and Travelport Digital [2018 Hubspot Impact Awards]

By Ian Blake on 26 April 2019 09:58:59 BST

We’re proud and delighted (ok, ecstatic!) to have won Hubspot’s premier Impact Award for best Inbound Growth Story of 2018 for our continued collaboration with Travelport Digital.

(We also won the 2018 International Grand Prize for Graphic Design Hubspot Impact Awards. Read about that one here.


Travelport Digital power mobile engagement for the travel industry, delivering innovative digital travel solutions for airlines, TMCs & travel agencies. They have been a client of Squaredot since 2016. Their mission is to deliver world class mobile and digital solutions to the modern traveller and their content needs to reflect their thought leadership position. 


Travelport wanted support throughout their journey towards adopting inbound as an important marketing methodology. They have a limited total addressable market and expected an average 15-20 qualified leads per month as a result of their investment in inbound and content.


  • Generate inbound leads driven by website conversions through strong Call to Actions (CTAs) and landing pages where valuable downloadable content is couched
  • Raise awareness of their brand (in addition to current strong website branding) using the inbound marketing methodology


  • Discovery session
  • Research (telephone and desk based)
  • Hubspot set up (blog page, landing pages and resources page)
  • Metrics monitoring
  • Content review, optimisation and improvement
  • Social media (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook)
  • Email workflows
  • Lead scoring
  • SEO (technical and on-page)
  • Ongoing lead follow up
  • Social selling consultancy
  • Account Based Marketing



Travelport had traditionally won 2 to 3 new customers each year. With the introduction of a new product and marketing it through an Inbound methodology, new customers increased to 23 in 2018.

  • MQLs 370
  • New Opportunities Created 77
  • New Customers 23
  • From June 2017 to Sept 2018 visit to contact conversions increased considerably, going from 1% at the end of 2017 to 5.68% in January 2018.

In addition, for every ebook we produced 60-70 of the world’s top airlines (our target personas) engaged with the ebooks; that’s almost a third of the global airline companies actively engaging with Travelport's remarkable thought leadership content.


“HubSpot is proud to call Squaredot a partner. They have been recognized for their innovative and strategic inbound approach to help their clients grow better.” Katie Ng-Mak, VP Global Partner Strategy and Operations at HubSpot, Inc.

“The HubSpot Agency Partner Impact Awards represent the best inbound work globally, across five core categories. We would like to congratulate Squaredot on achieving the Inbound Growth Story award for their region amongst their competition.” Susanne Ahmadi, VP of International Marketing at HubSpot, Inc.


We sat down with David MacHale from Travelport, telling us all about Travelport Digital's inbound journey with Squaredot.