Squaredot | Impact Award | Graphic Design | PSI

By Ian Blake on 30 September 2018 17:43:00 BST


PSI Mobile provide a SaaS platform for the Government, Public Sector and Utilities and Telecommunication industries. Their platform has multiple uses in multiple industries. Preconfigured templates help public sector departments digitally transform Market Services, Compliance Software, Health & Social Care, Community Safety, Parks & Recreation, Transport & Streets, Environment & Planning and Waste Management.

Configurations for private sector Utilities and Telecommunications include Contract Sales, Field Sales, Telesales, Online Sales, Residential and Commercial Sales, Door to Door Sales, Campaign Management, Territory and Route Management.

All modules can be further customised to suit individual needs.



The overall problem for such a wide ranging and broad solution was the difficulty in communicating clearly exactly what they do.

A video animation was required to summarise succinctly and clearly their overall brand offering.

Because of the broad range of applications the PSI product has and the variety of users it supports, we got a deep understanding of the product, the relevant industries and personas it supports. From there we wrote scripts, storyboarded the visuals, animated it all, adding in a voiceover track and sound effects.



With so many features, modules and potential configurations for multiple industries and personas we needed to take a step back (indeed a step up) to communicate an overall brand message.

With digital transformation an overarching theme and PSI facilitating a smart city revolution by empowering business with real time data transfer in the office and to outside field based teams, the overall message became one of facilitating ‘connections.’

Our strapline evolved into, “Connecting everyone and everything to every colleague, everywhere”

The video highlighted how the office place of today is not just bricks and mortar buildings, it could be out and about, on the road, in the field...anywhere where there is an internet connection is an ‘office’ for remote staff who could benefit from realtime data exchange from their head office.

Indeed, even remote assets ‘connect’ to head office without any human input in today’s Smart cities.


The resulting visual was also broken down into visual elements that we are currently populating throughout the website (page by page in a growth driven design fashion) to create a consistent look and feel for the website.

As a result the overall brand has a less corporate feel and is warmer, more approachable and aspirational.

"The video has given a personality and warmth to our brand that helps differentiates our offering from the majority of corporate videos out there. We operate in a complicated B2B world, so this type of video explainer will help us stand out for new website visitors.," David Costello, PSI CEO.



Comparing the same period only between organic search and direct traffic, the numbers are better now: the traffic has increased 49% compared to last year.

2017 | General traffic from Organic & Direct sources

  Views CTR New Contacts Bounce rate Time on page
Organic search 1,303 1.15% 15 69.76% 1
Direct traffic 957 0.84% 8 66.67% 3
total 2,260 1.00% 23 68.22% 2

2018 | General traffic from Organic & Direct sources

  Views CTR New Contacts Bounce rate Time on page
Organic search 1,723 0.58% 10 82.41% 1
Direct traffic 1,666 0.66% 11 79.59% 2
total 3,389 0.62% 21 81.00% 1.5
  49% more visits in the website