Every inbound programme with Squaredot is different but our methods remain the same. We get to know your brand, your offering, your existing content, your tone of voice, your sales cycle, your pitch, your cost per lead, your SEO and your goals, objectives and obstacles. Then we move onto your prospects. We get under their skin through interviews and research. Who are they? Where are they? What are they thinking? How can we help them?

Our hard drives are stacked full of B2B persona insights gained from working with Tech, Finance and Teleco companies, but our approach works for any industry.

Once we’re armed with everything we need, we lock ourselves away in our strategy bunker, aka, our kitchen. It helps to have an espresso machine close at hand. We don’t just rush into creation mode, that’s for later. For now we’re just as preoccupied with numbers, metrics and measurements. Now is the time to plan because everything we do here informs our content.